It has been almost a year (a year!) since I put down my pen and last wrote an article on this blog. After a much needed break from blogging and social media, QuirkyScrawls is back! 

That blogging is not just writing a little piece of text and putting it online, I discovered fairly quick after launching QuirkyScrawls over a year ago. Combining a blog while battling cancer was just too much at the time; I couldn’t give what I wanted and even that weighed on me. But my motivation to blog never disappeared.

Now we are a few months later and I feel I am ready to dive into the blogging world again to share my interests, love for beauty and makeup and of course my personal ups and downs.

So what did you miss these past few months?

Well, QuirkyScrawls got a huge makeover: a new layout, a new posting schedule and the removal of all previous blogposts. All set for a fresh start 🙂

I am also proud to say I am now a certified MUD makeup artist. Yay! Taking classes really opened my eyes. The world of makeup is huge! But I am sure I’ll get to tell you this story soon on the blog. If there is one thing I can already share now, it is that my passion for beauty grew even more. Yep, didn’t think that was possible either 😉

Health-wise nothing much has changed. The cancer is still there and so are the side effects of my surgery and treatment. I have been waiting for over 15 months now to enter a new clinical trial in the hopes of finding a cure but for now I am still waiting for that one magical solution. Let’s hope I don’t have to wait too long anymore ‘cause I am really bad at twisting my thumbs 😉

Be ready to see new weekly posts online from now on. I am planning on mixing it up a little bit with makeup reviews, personal posts and more general articles.





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