Yves Rocher Nail Polish – Pourpre Perlé

Yves Rocher Nail Polish Pourpre PerléThe holidays are coming up and what better way to perfect your look than by giving your nails a little color? I tried out the Yves Rocher Pourpre Perlé nail polish, a stunning red nail polish with a glossy finish.

When dressing up, it is all in the details: a little makeup, an elegant perfume, a classy hairdo, nicely painted nails,…. I like nail polish but it is always difficult to find one that completely matches my wishes. There are certain things I look for when choosing a nail polish. For starters, I want the polish to stick to my nails for a few days without chipping or losing its shine, be easy to apply, not be too runny or tough and have a good brush. The polish should also be quick to dry and have a smooth look. And of course, I need to love its color!

The Purple Pearl

Surprisingly, the Pourpre Perlé or Purple Pearl nail polish has a gorgeous deep red color. I would even call it Christmas red. It is a very warm and vivid color with an opalescent finish. Excellently suited for the winter season and the upcoming holidays. Very nice!


The little bottle is made of glass with a plastic cap and contains about 5 ml of nail polish. The brush is soft, the hairs bend easily and retain enough polish. The width of the brush is ideal for me and does not expand overly when putting on the nail polish.

On their site, Yves Rocher claims the nail polish is tested under dermatological supervision and is free of toluene , formaldehyde, camphor and phthalates. The ingredients which are used, however, are not stated.


I applied two layers of nail polish on my nails without any top or base coat. After putting on one layer, the coverage was already very good but just to be sure, I applied a second one. The brush allowed me to finely apply the polish, keeping any splotches on the skin around my nails to a minimum. After a few minutes, the varnish turned into a smooth layer with a glimmering effect.


I was happy to note that even without an additional top coat, my nails looked great for over three days (!), even after taking a swim and going to the sauna: no chipping or loss of shine.


I am very much in love with this nail polish ?
Not only does it meet my wishes, it also has a beautiful color that matches lots of outfits and looks very festive with its pearly finish.

Yves Rocher Nail Polish – Pourpre Perlé (5ml) – € 5,90


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