OPI Washington DC Collection

OPI Washington DC

For the past few weeks I have been totally into nail care. I have no idea why but luck would have it that just now fall and winter collections are being launched. The Washington DC collection by OPI hit the shelves a few days ago and it is looking good! I picked out two colors to try out.

OPI Washington DC

OPI’s Washington DC collection brings 12 new and 3 limited edition colors to the OPI collection. That’s 15 amazing new shades! After the New Orleans spring/summer collection, the city of Washington DC makes its entry for the fall/winter collection. The campaign and collection are inspired by the history and culture of the big city. Although I suspect the name of the first Creative Ambassador for the brand, the gorgeous Kerry Washington, also had something to do with the naming of the new collection.

OPI Washington DC

Seeing all the colors on display at the store, they looked absolutely stunning, sophisticated and worldly. Perfect shades for fall and winter! I picked the darker CIA = Color Is Awesome (NLW53) and lively Yank My Doodle (NLW58) to try out. This is the first time I am trying out OPI nail polish so I am super excited and curious to see the results of my swatches!

CIA = Color Is Awesome

OPI Washington DC CIA = Color Is Awesome

CIA = Color is Awesome is a dark teal-colored shade with a touch of grey. The color is quite dark but ideal for winter nails. But it also looks great combined with fall colors like mustard yellow, burgundy and lighter browns.


Yank My Doodle

OPI Washington DC Yank My Doodle

Hihi, love the name! This deep rust-colored varnish is a great fall color. It is a shade that makes me think of leaves falling from branches. It fits with both darker as well as lighter fall and winter colors and oozes sophistication.


The bottles are nicely sized with 15ml of varnish inside and have a very supple brush. I was really surprised at the great quality of the formula: the liquid was neither too runny nor solid, dried very quick and created an even and soft layer with a shiny finish. The creamy varnish spread nicely over my nails. I used two layers just to be sure to get a nice even coverage and added no topcoat. I was happy to see that even after 4 days I still had no chipping. That’s amazing to say the least ‘cause I normally have scratches or chips after a couple of hours. Clumsy me always bumps into everything 🙂

Removing the varnish was also easy-peasy. I had expected the dark color the end up on my cuticles but no, the varnish disappeared quite easily and neatly. I can’t stop saying it: amazing!

Awesome Doodle

Coating my nails with the OPI Washington DC nail varnish was a true pleasure. The creamy liquid glided on so easily with the help of the supple brush and even after several days, my nails still looked freshly done. Gorgeous! My two nail varnishes even looked great together 🙂 Definitely keepers! What is your favorite fall color?

OPI Washington DC ( 15 ml) – € 14.90

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