NYX “Love in Paris” Eyeshadow Palette

NYX Love In Paris My search for makeup with great value for money is never-ending. I believe every brand has at least a few gems in its collections but it remains a challenge to find them. Last week I bought a few items at the brand new NYX store in Ghent. Today I am trying out my very first NYX product: the Love in Paris eyeshadow palette. Will it live up to NYX’ promise of great quality for attractive prices? Did I find one of those precious few?

NYX Love In Paris OpenLove Affair with Louis is one of the 12 different eyeshadow palettes in the Love in Paris collection. It contains 9 different shades including a white, silver and black along with several blue and green toned shadows. The assortment of colors with shimmering or matte finish looks really good in the sturdy compact. The bow clasp on the side is a cute addition, giving the palette a little more class.

Swatches and more

Look at the colors! I just love the dark green/blue in the middle!  Sadly, this is where my enthusiasm drops a notch. The color payoff is not as great as I had expected, especially for the lighter colors. Layering and blending was challenging, even with a primer. It took me a while to get a decent coverage but once there, the colors did look good on my eyelids. The darker colors in turn proved to be quite chalky. A great amount of powder ended up on my cheeks, leaving me with some serious cleanup work afterwards. Below are some pictures I took while trying on the eyeshadows and swatching. After taking the swatch pictures, I wiped away the colors with a dry tissue in no more than two rubs. Need I say more?

NYX Love In Paris Swatches  NYX Love In Paris Cleanup needed  NYX Love In Paris Look 2

A small recap

The Love in Paris, Love Affair with Louis eye shadow palette has a nice color assortment for anyone who is looking to add some blue in their eyeshadow stash. I like how NYX has put together the colors for this palette but was a bit disappointed when trying them out. I was especially bothered by the low pigmentation in the lighter colors and the easy transferring of powder to my cheeks. Two characteristics that do not really stroke with those of great quality makeup, in my opinion. I would say the NYX palette does not measure up to other (semi-)professional eyeshadow palettes I have tried. The brand did not win me over with their eyeshadows but I will try out one of their lipsticks soon. So be sure to check back!

NYX Love in Paris – Love Affair with Louis eyeshadow palette (9 x 0.8 g) – NYX store €12.50

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