MAC “Vibe Tribe” Hot Chocolate Satin Lipstick

MAC-Tribe-Vibe-Hot-Chocolate-Satin-LipstickMAC finally launched its controversial Vibe Tribe collection last month! With their eye-catching design of geometric patterns in striking colors, the collection really stands out between the otherwise sober packaging of MAC products. I snatched up the Hot Chocolate satin lipstick during my last visit to the MAC store and tried it out.

The MAC Vibe Tribe Hot Chocolate satin lipstick in a dirty plum hue is a mild, purple colored lipstick with a brown undertone and sheen finish. A stunning color to create a dark nude look but perhaps less suited for a summer collection. After an easy application, my lips felt creamy and smooth. To get the wanted coverage my lips really needed at least two layers of lipstick on top of my lip primer. Also, I had to be really careful not to rub my lips together soon after to avoid any uneven spots on my lips. For about two hours the lipstick remained nicely in place before getting patchy and eventually starting to fade.

MAC Tribe Vibe Hot Chocolate Satin Lipstick Tube  MAC Vibe Tribe Hot Chocolate Satin Lipstick Tip  MAC Vibe Tribe Hot Chocolate Satin Lipstick Lip Swatches

MAC’s Vibe Tribe lipstick in dirty plum is a nice collector’s item but this shade may have fitted better in an autumn or winter collection. The plum hue is gorgeous and really comes to its own under cool light but has a more brown shade in warmer lighting. Meeting all requirements for a satin lipstick, I nevertheless felt a bit disappointed and had hoped for a better coverage and staying power. The Vibe Tribe collection is available online and in stores.

MAC Vibe Tribe Lipstick in Hot Chocolate (3gr) – €21.00

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