MAC Paint Pot

MAC Paint PotUntil a few month ago, I had never heard of a paint pot except maybe in a DIY store. Now, I can’t imagine creating an eyelook without using the tiny jar. Keep reading to discover more about my favorite product!

Everyone who has ever set foot in a MAC store will recognize the distinctive tiny glass jars immediately. The Paint Pot is MAC’s contribution to the pool of cream eyeshadows available worldwide but it is so much more versatile than any other eyeshadow I’ve ever known. The highly pigmented eyeshadow can be worn alone, as a liner, primer or a base color. All this with just one little pot! The creamy substance comes in a limited number of shades with some pretty neat finishes. So far, I only have two but I am working on that 🙂

MAC Paint PotScratching off a small bit of paint with my spatula, I apply it with a brush or finger to my eyelid. Once applied, it only takes a few seconds for the paint to dry and form a solid layer, giving your eyelid an even coverage. Just a thin layer is enough to keep my makeup in place the entire day: no smudging nor creasing.

MAC Paint Pot
Indianwood (left) and Layin’ Low (right)

Indianwood is a metallic bronze color with an orange undertone. With a smooth and shimmery finish the cream eyeshadow is very beautiful on its own for creating a darker nude look or as a base for other metallic eyeshadows. I love it!

Layin’ Low is a creamy beige and a great base color for lighter skin types. It has a dry texture and matte finish. I like using this paint as a primer or base but usually avoid using very powdery eyeshadows on top as they don’t tend to stick well together.

Simply wow!

The MAC Paint Pot has fast become one of my favorite products. As a base the Paint Pot makes eyeshadows go on more smoothly and blending is lots easier, keeping your look smudge and crease free for an entire day. It is also a very quick way to give your eyes a vibrant look. With its versatility, beautiful colors and sublime finishes, it is an essential item in any makeup bag. Just don’t forget to screw the lid back on or turn the pot upside down or it will turn to stone!

MAC Paint Pot – MAC store €21.00

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