KIKO Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow

KIKO Bright Duo Bakes EyeshadowAfter the success of the KIKO wet and dry High Pigment eyeshadows, KIKO recently launched another line of eyeshadows: the Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow for wet and dry use. Ready to try them out?

If you have read through my earlier blogpost you will probably already know how I just love using KIKO cosmetics. So no surprise that I HAD to try out their latest line of eyeshadows. After minutes of serious deliberation, I finally decided on 08 Pearly Snow with Golden Shell and 15 Pearly Mauve with Metallic Burgundy.

The little black box

KIKO Bright Duo Bakes Eyeshadow

The KIKO Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow is lodged in the same housing as the KIKO High Pigment eyeshadows. The tiny black box has a magnetic closure and features the KIKO monogram on top, giving it a modern yet elegant look. Inside, two baked powders are nestled nicely together in perfect harmony. Twenty-four different shades and three different finishes (matte, pearl and metallic) allow you to find the perfect shade for whatever look you have in mind.

KIKO Bright Duo Bakes Eyeshadow

Pearly Snow with Golden Shell – A golden yellow on one side and a glittery white powder on the other. Both colors have a pearl finish although it is a bit difficult to see with all the glitters. These shades are perfect to give your eyes a clear, open look. Personally, I will use them more to highlight or to complete some finer details of a look. The white shade is more transparent looking, allowing you to add a glitter effect on top of any color you want. Very nice for a summer look!

KIKO Bright Duo Bakes Eyeshadow

Pearly Mauve with Metallic Burgundy – This duo includes a soft mauve and a vibrant burgundy with brown undertone. The light mauve is an amazing color for any pink nude look while the dark side of the duo has a more domineering deep red/brown look. The color on the pictures is quite different from their true color. On the swatches you get to see what the shade really looks like. I found blending these two colors together a bit more difficult than the previous duo but it worked. The combination is exquisite, giving your eyes a dark sultry look.


The swatches are a bit on the dark side. The lighter duo on the right didn’t like having their picture taken 🙂 On the left, you can see the true colors of the darker shades.

The KIKO Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow in short

The KIKO Bright Duo Baked Eyeshadow line offers a new range of gorgeous colors with bright finishes. I like how KIKO tries to change things up a little by using duos but my preference still goes to single shade compacts so I can pick the shades I really want. As always, KIKO manages to deliver great quality for affordable prices, smooth textures and beautiful colors with long staying power. The shades do have a more intense and somber appearance than the previous High Pigment eyeshadow line. But I am not wowed. Perhaps I am getting a bit spoiled? 🙂

KIKO Baked Eyeshadow Duo (2.5g) – €7.90

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