KIKO “The Beauty Games” Limited Edition

KIKO Beauty GamesIt had been quite a while but I finally made it back to the KIKO store. Last I was there, the wet and dry high pigment eyeshadows were on display, so yeah, it was about time for another visit. Luckily, the KIKO Beauty Games limited edition was still available. I really did not want to miss trying out the Beauty Energy Mascara and Finish Fine Lipstick.

KIKO Beauty Games Limited Edition collection

KIKO Beauty Games

Inspired by the upcoming Olympic Games (and not the Hunger Games, as I first thought :-)), KIKO launched the Beauty Games line. The theme of the collection is evident in the design details on the outer packaging of the products, showing athletes in action. But it was the lovely and energetic colors emitting a fun vibe that attracted me to the products on display.

The new collection includes a wide array of beauty products, such as face bases, bronzers and blushes, stick highlighters, kajal pencils, coloured mascaras, matte lipsticks, nail varnishes and art, a face and eye makeup palette and last but not least, a brush duo. Following the summer trends, KIKO put great focus on blue colored eye makeup and matte lipsticks. Exactly what I was looking! So no surprise here that I left the store with the Beauty Energy Mascara in 04 Energetic Indigo and the Finish Fine Lipstick in 02 Heroine Cherry.

Beauty Energy Mascara

KIKO Beauty GamesThe Beauty Energy Mascara is a colored mascara that comes in 4 different shades and black. The blues are so gorgeous! It was difficult to pick only one but I finally went for the 04 Energetic Indigo, a blue that I feel matches most with the different eyelooks I want to try out this summer.

The plastic tube feels just right in my hand when I pick it up. The thin and narrow brush feels very light, the weight mostly located in the handle, giving a nice leverage to the stick. Pulling out the brush, the bristles take out just the right quantity of mascara: I don’t detect any clumps of mascara attached to the brush. Rubbing some of the creamy substance between my fingers, the blend of waxes used in the formula is really noticeable but does not feel sticky to the touch. Great!

KIKO Beauty Games
The first coat went on smoothly and I could really see the effect of the little bristles on the brush. The mascara nicely colored my lashes without sticking together, leaving a gorgeous vivid blue. Another coat followed, making my lashes even longer and my look even more striking. I am totally in love with this mascara!

Finish Line Lipstick

KIKO Beauty GamesWith six different shades to choose from I picked the 02 Heroine Cherry, a strong deep red color with a pink undertone and matte finish. The lipstick looks great next to the mascara, with their matching designs and handy size and shape. Pulling the top off, the drop-shaped tip immediately caught my eyes. It looked so cute and practical, making sure I could reach and color every tiny spot. I was really impressed with the instant vividness of the color from the first coat. The buttery texture slid over my lips with ease and coated them nicely. Even after 3 hours my lips still looked and felt great with no dried out lips.

KIKO Beauty Games

Ready, set, go get them!

Today I reviewed a fantastic duo from the KIKO Beauty Games collection. Both the mascara and lipstick fulfilled all my expectations and more. The gorgeous blue mascara and matte red lipstick are easy to apply and give you a vibrant look for hours on end. I am all set to follow this year’s summer trend! How about you?

KIKO Beauty Energy Mascara ( 6.0 ml) – €7.90
KIKO Finish Fine Lipstick ( 2.5 g) – € 7.90

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