Essence “Matt Matt Matt” Lipstick

Essence Matt Matt Matt

Essence’s next trend edition is fast approaching its launch but I am taking you back to the last “Try it. Love it!” edition for this week’s review of the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick.

This summer matte is trending and don’t we all know it! Every beauty brand has at least one matte lipstick lined up on their shelves in one form or another. I don’t have a lot of experience with matte lipsticks as they are not my first choice when I shop for lipsticks. Although I love how they keep your lips colored for a long while, I don’t like the feeling of dryness that sticks to your lips. So here I am, giving them another shot and hoping one will be able to convince me otherwise. Try it, love it, right?

Essence Try it, Love it!


Three lipsticks, that’s it. Essence keeps the number of lip products in their fall/winter line to a minimum. No typical red matte as one would expect but the popular nude did make the selection, in addition to a vibrant pink and a deep burgundy. Wrapped in a chrome colored tube with plastic cap that matches the color of the lipstick, each lipstick bears the Essence monogram. Although the packaging is fairly basic and simple, this little detail makes it stand out.


Opening the 02 Perfect Match, nude colored casing I liked how shiny the lipstick looks. It did make me wonder how this glossy stick would turn out on my lips and whether it would turn matte as promised. With a nice, subtle fragrance it really enticed me to color my lips.


Its creamy texture made coloring my lips very easy, leaving them feeling greasy and soft. It does take a while for the texture to get matter. Even after an hour, the sheen is not completely gone yet but eventually the finish comes very close to matte. The color is superb and gives a nice coverage. Even though my lips aren’t completely matte, I like how they look and I don’t have the discomforts of dry lips.


Matt times three!

The Essence Matt Matt Matt is a great lipstick for an amazing price. The finish is as good as matte but the texture stays creamy and keeps your lips from drying out. I was able to keep my lips colored for a good 4 hours, which is great for me as I like rubbing my lips together. And the monogram: so cute! Yes, this lipstick definitely helped me change my view on matte lipsticks. Let’s hope the trend will continue so I can try out some more! Which one is your favorite matte lipstick?

Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick – € 2.39

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  1. That’s a pretty color and looks very natural on you! I love the packaging. Simple and classy and the price is right! I’ll have to keep my eye out for these ?

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