Discovering MAC

MAC-BrushesThree weeks ago I enrolled in a makeup course for beginners and let just say a door to a whole new world opened for me. To prep for class I had to go …. shopping! If this is what homework looks like now, I’m all for it!

It is such a strange feeling to be back in school but it seems the ideal way for me to improve my concentration and memory after my treatments AND I get to learn more about makeup and beauty. A win-win situation! The past three classes I was introduced to the basic principles of makeup starting with moisturizers, primers and foundations. Some theory at first but now we started with the ‘real’ stuff: hands-on practice. I am so excited to learn more! But first I needed to get me some brushes…

Finding brushes

The world of makeup is so big and oh so alluring; there are so many brands, so many choices and options, something for each budget. The most important tools we need for class are the brushes we will use to perform our magic so in my search for a good set, I considered brands discussed in class, read several reviews on blogs and kept in mind the advice of my teacher. In the end I went all out and bought a couple of MAC brushes. They were not cheap but with the assurance these brushes will hold their powers for years on end, I am looking forward to start practicing.

MAC Brush set
My new set of brushes! Still lots of space left 🙂

Getting the look @ MAC Student Lab

As a little plus, my teacher organized a MAC student lab at the MAC store in Knokke last Thursday. In two hours we were taught how to create an every-day look by an expert makeup artist. And guess who the lucky one was to be given a small makeover? Yes, me!

After the MAC Student Lab ….

I was really glad I was able to join the workshop. Seeing an expert at work was truly inspiring and hearing the backstage stories just spiked my interest more. Of course I could not leave the workshop without some new additions to my makeup stash 😉

MAC products
My new MAC lip conditioner and paint pot

My first impression of MAC is great. The service in the store, the workshop and the reviews I read about MAC products all leave me with a positive feeling. Now I just have to try out my new brushes and products. To be continued… 😉


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