Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr

catrice matt lip artist 6 hr After more than a month of silence, I am back with a review on the new Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr lipstick. With matt lipsticks still trending this fall, brands keep launching their version of the ideal matt lipstick. Yay for us! Let’s see if this one gives keeps our lips matt for six full hours!

catrice matt lip artist 6 hrFinding the perfect matt lipstick is hard. A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Essence Matt Matt Matt Lipstick (in this article), which came pretty close but was not completely flawless. Expectations are high this week. Will this Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr be able to top the Essence Matt Matt Matt? Will it create the perfect matt look without drying out my lips and hold for six hours? I tested the 020 Best ROSEbuddies Forever to find out.

Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr

catrice matt lip artist 6 hr Housed in a matt black-colored casing with metallic lettering , the chubby little stick comes in 7 different shades. Its no-nonsense look is simple and practical; something we can expect from Catrice. One thing I miss though is the color name or number somewhere on the stick . Guess I will have to remember which ones I already have… 🙂

catrice matt lip artist 6 hrA very discernable wax smell filled the air when I pulled the cap off; so not the pleasant smell you expect when you open a lipstick. With its conical tip, the pen allows for precise and easy application.

catrice matt lip artist 6 hr

Best ROSEbuddies Forever

The smooth texture of the lipstick and its pointy shape gave easy application a whole new meaning. With only one swipe over my lips, the pen covered them with an intense, rich layer. The pointy tip was a big help in filling every little spot. My lips felt so soft and silky and the matt finish is, except for a nearly undetectable sheen, indeed completely matt. The picture below is taken right after application. You can still see a clear sheen but it gradually decreases with time. And look at the old pink color: it is just ravishing!

catrice matt lip artist 6 hrWith its sublime coverage, the lipstick holds a good four hours. Not the promised six but still a very nice result. After about an hour or so a clear line defined the outline of my lips but they still looked stunning and didn’t feel dry, at all!

The only downside, if I could call it that, is indeed the waxy smell and similar taste. But I gladly oversee this small flaw after seeing how nicely the lipstick kept my lips matt for over four hours. And I am sure a lot of you will not mind this at all but I like those typical lipstick smells.


The Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr in 020 Best ROSEbuddies Forever is one of the best budget matt lipsticks I have tried so far. It can definitely stand next to the Essence Matt Matt Matt lipstick as qualitywise they are very similar. The Catrice Matt Lip Artist does carry my preference however because of the pointy tip that let’s me apply the lipstick just that tad bit easier. This is definitely a keeper for me.

Have you tried the Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr yet? What do you think of it?
What is your favorite matt lipstick?





2 thoughts on “Catrice Matt Lip Artist 6hr

  1. I also added 2 of these lipsticks to my stach. As you I opted for the Best Rosebuddies Forever and the other color I chose is Hibiskiss-Proof. I really like them both a lot!
    I recently also got my hands on two matt HEMA lipsticks. The packaging is quite the same as the ones from Catrice. I wonder if I will like them as much…

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