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KIKO “The Beauty Games” Limited Edition

KIKO Beauty GamesIt had been quite a while but I finally made it back to the KIKO store. Last I was there, the wet and dry high pigment eyeshadows were on display, so yeah, it was about time for another visit. Luckily, the KIKO Beauty Games limited edition was still available. I really did not want to miss trying out the Beauty Energy Mascara and Finish Fine Lipstick. Continue reading KIKO “The Beauty Games” Limited Edition

NYX “Love in Paris” Eyeshadow Palette

NYX Love In Paris My search for makeup with great value for money is never-ending. I believe every brand has at least a few gems in its collections but it remains a challenge to find them. Last week I bought a few items at the brand new NYX store in Ghent. Today I am trying out my very first NYX product: the Love in Paris eyeshadow palette. Will it live up to NYX’ promise of great quality for attractive prices? Did I find one of those precious few? Continue reading NYX “Love in Paris” Eyeshadow Palette