A MUA STORY: How to become a makeup artist


We are finally October! Yay! I have been looking forward to this date for quite a while now and can’t believe it is finally here. Starting this month I am taking you with me on my journey to become a makeup artist: classes, assignments, opportunities, setbacks, achievements,… I will talk about it all. How exciting is this? This week I tell you more about how I got this crazy idea and why I want to take my passion for makeup one step further.

The why

Have you ever told people that you love makeup? Well, be ready for some crazy responses, blank stares and maybe a few laughs. It is even worse when you tell them you are taking classes to learn more about lipsticks and foundations. To be honest, until recently I would have probably been the first to ask: “Why of all things do you want to do that?”. But now I understand that if makeup is a passion, it can do so much more than just make you look beautiful! In my case, I found my passion for makeup at a time I felt worse than terrible (yes, cancer sucks!). It helped me get up in the morning, gave me tons of energy and let me find a whole other me. I started this journey out of necessity and passion, to keep busy and challenge myself and in return I get to learn and feel good. Perhaps you just want to learn more about makeup or maybe you want to become a makeup artist or are you just curious what those makeup classes entail. Either way, I hope this thread will give you the answers to many of your questions.

The what

Ok, so I know that becoming a makeup artist doesn’t happen overnight. I once heard it takes at least three years of practice and hard work before you can call yourself one. But everyone has to start somewhere, no? That’s where I am at: at the very bottom. There is so much I want to learn and try out, discover my own style. I want to be able to create those flawless looks you see in magazines and on tv. You know, the ones that catch your eye and you just keep staring at them in absolute fascination for minutes on end? My goal is set, now let’s work on getting there!

The how

It seems there are only two ways of becoming a makeup artist: teach yourself or take classes. I am so skipping the first option after spending hours and hours on Youtube and getting lost in it all. But there is very little to find about makeup classes on the web. On every site you get to read the same general class outlines, some testimonials and of course how much it costs. But are those classes worth your money? And what exactly do they teach in those classes? What is the focus? Where do they start and how does it all come together? Do you get insider tips and tricks? Stick around and you will find out in the coming weeks!

Ready to discover how to become a makeup artist?
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  1. Hey Trudie
    a late but happy birthday !
    nice blog , I have to look much to learn about make-up
    succes !

    colleguae of your dad

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